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Personal Links: Friends, Faves & my politix:
Stuff, Newest to Oldest, mostly, sometimes. Bike Stuff, mostly:
My Newest You Didn't See Me.
A Trip to Wickenburg Helmet Laws, state by state
Clarification: The V-Rod is not a crotchrocket. Pops' Hot Licks
My First
Fishtails! /Dawg's Motorcycle Grafix
Montezuma's Well F4 Custom Windshields!
Road Reports Deb's Lil Six
AZ Bike Week '08 Rollie Free!
The V-Rod Quality Stuff: Chris's Stitches
Loki's New Bags & Pipes Motorcycle Hall of Fame
Bikes, Backyard & Sebastian Inspirational Posters
..since there is such a purient interest in bed... Bike Movies
Sebastian Reverend Roadkill
Pops' new '07 Ultra and frenz, 8/25/2006 Biker-Friendly Campsites
Bartlett Lake Run, 11/24/2005 the roadhouse
Pix from the Cactus Patch 250 cc bikes page
Wedding Pix! Other Stuff, mostly:
More Wedding Pix! The Constitution of the United States of America
Lola and the Cactus Patch The Bill of Rights
Lola's New Bra The Declaration of Independence
In Passing Man of Gravity
Lime Ridge Pix David Hawkins' Page
Autumn 2004 - Miscellaneous Pix ClubPlug
Westies with easties in NYC Jym's Page
The Iron Horse Nina's Waaay cool comix
trip to napa Live Aurora Map
Lola's New Windshield
VLX 600 Talk like a pirate
Morning Smiled Klezmer!!
Chrome BlauPunkt advert
CMX 250 San Francisco Hang Gliding Center
More baby pix Zero Population Growth
why? Favorite Quotes Death Test
I am Waiting Ganesha
The Fridge Door Today's Word
Short Climb on Mt. Diablo Lonely Planet
Hang Gliding Mt. Tam spectacular Chandra shots (NASA)
Mostly Borneo pix(3/00) The Straights Times
More Malaysia pix(3/00) Talking Cock, the Singapore Onion.
Singapore pics(3/99) Recent earthquakes in CA
Singapore pics(11/99) Earthquake Probability in CA
Bonaire pics Wake Up and Live! (Bob Marley link)
Zihuatanejo, MX Diver's Alert Network
more Z Daylight
excessively more Z The CIA World Fact Book
Axe and ye shall receive Green Peace
weather goest thou? Free Tibet
Name this fruit? Tempest - Damien's band
Old family photos (fairbanks) How the Subprime Works
Raft trips Kelibia
Shadowriders: Arizona Concealed Carry Information/Clases
Hallow's Eve Party Chicky
roadies halloween 2
ABfest1 part 1, by way of Shadowriders
roadies halloween 1
ABfest part 2, also by way of Shadowriders
What bears do in the wods

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"I hope it is true that a man can die and yet not only live
in others but give them life, and not only life but that great
consciousness of life."
-Jack Kerouac

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