Singapore, Redux...

well, this is all i have of the second Singapore trip and Borneo. By Request: Raffles' LongBar

Tiger Balm Garden (or, Surrealism lives)
My flakey digital camera (and all photos! lesson: don't keep your film/media with your camera.) were snitched in the Damai Beach Hotel... these few were with a disposable camera i got outside of How Par Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens) in Singapore. Oh Well. Hope someone used the money for something Good.

Qiron & Tom Outside of the Villa The entrance to the 10 Hells
Hell#6 - rapists, prostitutes and Disobediant Children the Evils of elephants mugging rhinos, or crickets fighting, or.. whatever.
holly battles Evil(now don't you and tom wish you'd posed?) leaving Tiger Balm, with Warm Memories...
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